Are You Too Old for Braces?

adult woman smiling with braces

Orthodontic treatments like braces are designed to correct teeth that are out of place. This may be an issue like a “bad bite,” known more formally as malocclusion, which can result in problems from gum disease to headaches to sleep disorders. Or, it may simply be an aesthetic issue. Culturally, we tend to find straight […]nThe post Are You Too Old for Braces? appeared first on .

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The Celebrities We Choose to Smile for Us

Will Smith at a movie screening

The Internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate. Email has now become the dominant method for conveying professional information, replacing phone calls and in-person meetings to an ever-greater extent (especially in these days of COVID-19 fears).

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A Smile Could Be The Key To Your Success

large antique key

If you’re like most professionals, you’re spending this time of year strategizing for the next eleven months. You’re standing on 2018’s doorstep, wondering what you can do this year to drive greater business success and make sure that at this time next year, you’re satisfied with your work. But while it’s certainly a great time […]nThe post Your Smile Could be Key to 2018 Business Success appeared first on .

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Why Shiny Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

photographer getting ready to take a picture

When it comes to your teeth, health and beauty often go hand in hand, which is why all good dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. White teeth, for example, show that they are free of decay and have thick, strong enamel to protect them.

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