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Most dental patients have some level of anxiety.

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Even if it doesn’t stop you from getting the dental care you need or the smile makeover you desire, it can make dental visits unpleasant and uncomfortable. Going to the dentist is probably your least favorite chore of the week. What if your dental visit was just the opposite: the thing you look forward to all week? That can be the reality with NuCalm, a drug-free approach to being relaxed at the dentist. NuCalm can help if you have anxiety, or if you just wish you could relax and enjoy your dental visit.

About 95% of people who have used NuCalm say they would use it again. Do you want to see if NuCalm can be the secret to an awesome dental visit for you? Please call (918) 528-3330 today for an appointment with a Tulsa cosmetic dentist at élan Tulsa Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Benefits of NuCalm

NuCalm is new tool in our mission to ensure all our patients are happy and comfortable at our office. Nothing can replace our emphasis on a caring and compassionate dentistry, but NuCalm gives us a way to help our patients achieve a deeper relaxed state that you might only expect to achieve as you drift off to sleep or sit in deep meditation.

With NuCalm, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced or even eliminated anxiety
  • Controlled gag reflex
  • Less muscle soreness
  • Lower stress after your dental visit
  • Greater ease getting numb

All of these are effects of dental anxiety. If you are anxious about the dentist, you are more likely to be conscious of and sensitive to objects in your mouth, which makes you more likely to gag. You also tense up, causing you to experience muscle soreness. And your stress levels remain elevated long after your dental visit. You may not have been aware of the level of stress you experience at the dentist until you get done.

One of the biggest challenges for patients with anxiety, especially those who don’t necessarily know or admit that they’re anxious, is that they have a very hard time getting numb. That’s because your stress is causing an elevated metabolic rate that breaks down the anesthesia faster than your average person.

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NuCalm isn’t sedation dentistry, which uses drugs to help you relax. When compared to sedation dentistry, NuCalm offers several benefits:

  • Starts working in just five minutes
  • Can last as long as needed for treatment
  • Recovery is instant
  • You arrive and leave with a clear head
  • No risk of respiratory complications

The ease and safety of NuCalm relates to the way it uses your brain’s own relaxation mechanisms to help you achieve a deeply relaxed state. We’ll talk more about how NuCalm works soon.

But NuCalm is becoming increasingly popular among dental patients who don’t even experience any anxiety at the dentist’s office. That’s because when many people use NuCalm, they enjoy additional benefits like:

  • Increased energy and creativity
  • A deeply meditative state
  • Improved focus
  • Better sleep

We can’t guarantee these benefits, but for some people they are significant–that’s why motivational speaker Tony Robbins has several systems and uses NuCalm daily to help maintain his energy on his grueling performance and consultation schedule.

NuCalm is the only technology patented as “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System.” The autonomic nervous system is an involuntary nervous system that controls many aspects of your body’s function, including the regulation of your organs as well as the management of your body’s “fight-or-flight” response. It’s what kicks in and makes your heart start racing, your muscles start twitching, your pupils dilating, and you break out in a cold sweat. By regulating this system, NuCalm disarms your body’s stress response.


It uses four steps to park your autonomic nervous system in “chill” mode. First, we will deliver the natural relaxation hormone GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), which your body naturally produces to help you sleep, and some supporting nutrients that help your body utilize GABA. We deliver these via tablets or a skin cream that allows your body to absorb the GABA and other nutrients.

Although GABA helps your body relax, your body isn’t normally receptive to it in times of stress. In addition to the other nutrients we use, we also cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), which helps your brain achieve a relaxed state. CES has long been used to treat anxiety and insomnia. With a very slight electrical current, CES disrupts your response to stressful stimuli. CES effectively works to turn down the volume on brain activity in many regions associated with stress, and it can trigger the release of endorphins melatonin, and serotonin, all neurotransmitters that help you rest.

Next, we use a neat trick called frequency following response. In this brain response, we utilize relaxing music that has two secret frequencies embedded in it. One you will hear through your right ear. The other you will hear through your left ear. As your brain tries to reconcile these two frequencies, your brainwave activity mimics the difference, which is in the beta wave range–the brainwaves of maximum relaxation.

Finally, we put on an eye mask that blocks out light. Light stimulates your body’s wakefulness response, so keeping it out helps you achieve and maintain a more relaxed state.

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Is NuCalm Safe?

One of the benefits of NuCalm is that it is very, very safe. Although NuCalm is new, most of the components have been used for decades in clinical settings with an outstanding safety record. And the NuCalm system altogether has an outstanding safety record. With over 500,000 procedures, and no adverse effects reported, NuCalm is a safe and effective approach to getting and staying relaxed at the dentist.

To learn more about NuCalm in Tulsa, please call (918) 528-3330 today for an appointment at élan Tulsa Cosmetic Dentistry.

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