Flash That Hollywood Smile! How to Achieve Your Own Celebrity Smile

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A California dentist introduced porcelain veneers in the late 1920s. Dr. Charles Pincus was looking for a way to enhance the smiles of his celebrity patients. He developed an acrylic tooth cap, which covered his patient’s existing teeth.

Veneers have come a long way since those days. However, the tradition of improving smiles in Hollywood continues.

Why Porcelain Veneers in Tulsa?

Veneers are a great treatment to help with smile issues. As thin porcelain shells, they are custom-made to fit over your teeth. They are natural-looking and even reflect light in the same way that “real” teeth do.

This treatment can fix teeth that are:

  • Discolored or stained
  • Chipped or broken
  • Misshaped
  • Small
  • Gapped
  • Crooked

Firstly, there is a slew of benefits with porcelain veneers. Their material is stain-resistant. Therefore, you’ll never need to worry about teeth whitening, again! They are a long-lasting and durable solution to help enhance your smile. Additionally, the procedure is minimally invasive and only takes about two visits to complete. Lastly, maintenance is a breeze! Just take care of them as you would your normal teeth. This means daily brushing and floss. Also, don’t forget regular visits to your Tulsa dentist.

6 Celebrities Who Have Porcelain Veneers

Celebrities seem flawless. Are they born perfect, or do they get a little help along the way? Maybe it’s a bit of both. They have trainers to help them work on their bodies. They have nutritionists to help with their diet. Not to mention, chauffeurs, maids, and other staff to help them with errands!

Do you wonder how they get their picture-perfect smiles? The answer is simple … cosmetic dentistry! One popular treatment is porcelain veneers. Below is an overview of some celebrities that have gone through with the procedure.

1. Zac Efron

As one of the most popular film actors today, Zac Efron is handsome, charming, and has an incredible smile. However, his teeth weren’t always flawless. During his younger years at Disney, Efron had some uneven ones and a small gap between his top two teeth. Porcelain veneers were able to fix these issues in no time.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is another star who originated from Disney. Much like Efron, she had some crooked teeth issues during her time as Hannah Montana. After she left the show, she chose to get porcelain veneers. As a singer, the spotlight is always on Cyrus’s face and smile. There’s no need for Miley to feel an ounce of self-consciousness now with her veneers. She can open that mouth wide and belt out her songs! She can smile to her heart’s content.

3. Jim Carrey

As one of the funniest men in Hollywood, Jim Carrey keeps fans laughing with every project he jumps into. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he’d want the best smile to bring forward during film premieres, award shows, and interviews. An interesting fact about Carrey, he’s had many dental problems in the past. Not only has he had porcelain veneers done, but also dental bonding.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney has made us laugh, cry, swoon, and everything in between. As one of Hollywood’s most famous, he constantly has the camera on him. Whether he’s filming a movie, doing a photoshoot, or dodging paparazzi. He’s also been in the industry for a long while. During his early years on television, his teeth had issues. In fact, he got veneers to help enhance his smile, but there was another reason for them, too. Clooney also had the procedure done to protect his teeth from grinding and clenching. Apparently, George is prone to this habit.

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is another celebrity audiences swoon over. He wins over hearts all around the world whenever he flashes that million-dollar smile. Cruise once had issues with misaligned and discolored teeth. He addressed the problems by turning to porcelain veneers. Clearly, Tom isn’t only good-looking, but smart, too. Plus, he probably has an incredible dentist!

6. Niall Horan

Finally, Niall Horan is part of the former boyband, One Direction. Before hitting the top of the pop music charts, he had crooked and misaligned teeth. At one point, he wore braces to fix these problems. However, the singer decided to go the veneers route some time ago. Now, he enjoys singing and smiling without having to worry about how his teeth look.

Achieve Your Own Celebrity Smile With Porcelain Veneers in Tulsa, OK

The interesting thing about porcelain veneers is that they aren’t only for Hollywood celebrities! You can achieve the perfect cover model smile, right here in Tulsa! Would you like to learn more about this cosmetic dental procedure? Then, reach out to élan! We can answer your questions, offer more information, and help you determine if it is the right treatment for you. Call us today or book an appointment online.
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