More Men Open to Cosmetic Treatments, But Don’t Talk about It

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It’s a common misconception that cosmetic procedures are just for women, but that’s not true. It’s not true for cosmetic surgery, and it’s not true for cosmetic dentistry, either. In fact, it’s becoming more popular than ever among men, although they prefer to keep it secret.

There are many good reasons why more men are looking for cosmetic dentistry. And a smile makeover can help men keep their secret. No one has to know that they’ve had work done on their smile.

Why More Men Are Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the procedures are getting more popular than ever here in Tulsa. And we’re seeing more men come in to get their smiles redone. Here’s why.

Men Realize Smiles Matter to Women

When you’re a man on the dating scene, you realize how important your smile is to women. Surveys show that an attractive smile is the most common characteristic desired by women in a potential date.

Unfortunately, not all men are blessed with a beautiful smile to begin with. And even if you started with an attractive smile, age can certainly take its toll on your smile. Whether you’ve always been single or if you’re divorced and dating again, you might realize your smile may not be what it once was.

An Attractive Smile Has Professional Benefits

Your smile is a vital social asset, and an essential part of your personal brand. Your smile has the power to open doors on opportunities. It can help you get a job, earn a promotion, and, overall, improve your earnings. Your smile can help you interact with coworkers, supervisors, and clients. From your LinkedIn profile(This page has been removed) to your interview, a smile can make all the difference.

And if you’re an older man, your smile can help you look younger and more energetic so you can keep competing with younger men who are always looking to take your job.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Always Improving

Part of the reason cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular is that it’s becoming better all the time. New, advanced materials mean that smile makeovers last longer than ever. And with new orthodontic approaches like Invisalign , it’s easier than ever to get straight teeth. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods and there are no metal wires!

Keep Your Smile Makeover Secret

One great benefit of cosmetic dentistry is that it’s easier to keep a secret than other cosmetic procedures. You don’t have to take time off from work, so there’s no suspicious absence. You won’t have bruising or scarring, either.

Best of all, your results can look completely natural. With advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures and the artistry of cosmetic dentist Dr. Meghan Hodges, you will enjoy a smile that will look amazing, but no one would ever suspect you’ve had work done.

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