Is Your Smile Closing the Door on Opportunities?

It’s a tragic story that we’ve heard more times than we can count: a young woman who hates her teeth , lamenting that she hasn’t had the opportunity or the resources to get them fixed. Unfortunately for her, this young woman is also an aspiring actress, and she has experienced a very real cost to her unattractive smile. For many people, the cost of getting a smile makeover may not be as great as the cost of not getting one.

Personal Pain and Professional Obstacle

Felicia Sabartinelli uses passionate words to tell us how she feels about her smile. She describes in detail the ways that she would try to cope with having an unattractive smile, and perhaps you can identify with what she is saying. She talks about avoiding smiling whenever possible and sitting off to one side of any get-together. She notes that whenever the camera came out, she would either not smile or would pose very carefully so that she only showed the side of her smile that she was okay with.

Is Your Smile Holding You Back?

You might think that your smile isn’t costing you money or opportunities because you’re not trying to be an actress or model, but the truth is that everyone’s income and opportunities are affected by their smiles. A smile is a vital tool for first impressions, whether you’re networking or interviewing or selling. And it can make a huge difference in how well you’re received. Whether it’s a promotion or a loan , there is evidence suggesting your smile makes a difference.

People with more attractive smiles aren’t just seen as more attractive and healthier, they’re also seen as smarter and more trustworthy. They’re more likely to get hired and more likely to be offered a higher salary.

Overall, the benefit of having more attractive teeth is wrapped up in what is commonly described as a “beauty premium,” the increase in salary that a person receives because they’re more attractive, which may be 4% for an attractive man compared to an average-looking man. Over the course of a career, that’s a huge difference, and it dwarfs the cost of a smile makeover.

Of course, it’s never guaranteed that you’ll experience financial benefit from a smile makeover, but if you feel like an unattractive smile is holding you back, it’s likely you will.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

The other part of the equation is that your smile makeover is probably more affordable than you think. With modern technologies and techniques, we can often deliver a beautiful smile for less than you’ve been quoted in the past. And we offer convenient financing terms to help you keep in your budget.

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