5 Ways Smiling Can Help You Get Promoted

Smiling at work can help with many of the essential characteristics of winning a promotion.

Look Happy in Your Work

Being happy in your work is something your boss is looking for. They want to know that you find your job rewarding, that you like the company, and that you’re not overwhelmed. Showing your boss that you can handle your current job with ease is one surefire way to signal that you’re ready for more responsibilities.

You’ll Get More Done

Your boss also knows that happy employees are more productive and spend more time on work-related tasks than unhappy employees.

Smiling does more than just show your happiness: it helps make you happy. Try smiling at your desk, and you’ll find that it really does improve your mood. When you’re happier, you will get the productivity and focus benefits that your boss is looking for.

Better Work Relationships

Networking within the company is another key to getting promoted. You need to be able to foster positive, drama-free relationships with your coworkers. Smiling is crucial to any good relationship, including professional ones. People will be happier coming to your desk to chat over work problems if you always greet them with a smile.

Better Relationship with Your Boss

And, of course, the most important relationship you have to cultivate is the one with your boss. Smiling doesn’t just make you happy, it makes other people happy. Even your boss. When your boss spends time with you, and you’re smiling, they will come away from that encounter with a positive emotion, and they’ll attach that to you.

You’ll Look Younger

There are a lot of positive associations with youth that can make people with a certain type of it more likely to get promoted. Energy, creativity, positivity: these are just a few of the essential aspects of youth that can help you get promoted. And, guess what, they’re all associated with smiling.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Of course, the problem with the smiling strategy comes if your smile isn’t giving the right message. Cosmetic dentistry can make sure your smile is giving the right impression.

If your teeth are discolored, for example, it might make you look older rather than younger. Teeth whitening can make sure your smile is as youthful as you want it to be.

A missing tooth can make people think you’re not as smart as you are, but dental implants can give you a whole smile again.

And if don’t have a smile you feel comfortable sharing, it can be awkward and disruptive. A smile makeover can give you a smile you’ll love to show off.

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