Amalgam Fillings Health Risk Evidence is Largely Ignored

The use of metal amalgam fillings in dentistry is widely debated. The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that these fillings are safe for use in dental restorations despite being composed largely of mercury. Over the years, many studies have presented strong evidence that people with amalgam fillings have higher levels of mercury in their bodies […]nThe post Amalgam Fillings Health Risk Evidence is Largely Ignored appeared first on .

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The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth Formation

Wisdom Teeth X-Rays

Third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, are the only teeth that humans don’t develop until after birth. These molars form during adolescence, and usually push their way into the mouth between the ages of 17 and 25. When there is not enough room in the mouth, third molars become impacted and can lead to […]nThe post The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth Formation appeared first on .

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Why We Choose Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

woman enjoying the beautiful outdoors

Dental fillings are a standard procedure. An increasing number of people with older amalgam fillings are concerned about possible health risks and seek to have them replaced. Amid global efforts to restrict the use of mercury-based fillings, it’s an important topic to discuss. What Are Amalgam Dental Fillings? Dental amalgam is a blend of metals…

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A Secret Cause of Bad Breath

woman embarrassed by smile, covering her mouth

Having an is essential to making a great first impression, but that impression won’t hold up if people can’t stand your breath when they get within conversation distance. You might think you’re doing everything you can to combat bad breath, but if you’re not getting rid of tonsil stones, then you’ve got a […]nThe post A Secret Cause of Bad Breath appeared first on .

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Three Reasons to Floss Before You Brush

young man flossing his teeth in front of mirror in bathroom

The most important form of preventive dentistry is your home hygiene routine. It’s important to get it right, especially now with more people going longer between appointments. While most people brush before they floss, it turns out that it’s significantly more effective to floss first, then brush. Here are three reasons why you should floss…

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Why Shiny Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

photographer getting ready to take a picture

When it comes to your teeth, health and beauty often go hand in hand, which is why all good dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. White teeth, for example, show that they are free of decay and have thick, strong enamel to protect them.

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