Amalgam Fillings Health Risk Evidence is Largely Ignored


The use of metal amalgam fillings in dentistry is widely debated. The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that these fillings are safe for use in dental restorations despite being composed largely of mercury. These studies offer strong evidence of the risks of amalgam fillings, but amalgam is still used in modern dentistry. Part of the problem is that many of the studies demonstrating these increased mercury levels are becoming dated, and few recent studies have been conducted.

Mercury Found After Death

Another study , conducted in 2006, focused on testing for mercury levels in brain, thyroid, and kidney tissue samples. The study involved 18 cadavers from routine autopsy casework. Researchers found that mercury content was significantly higher in bodies with more amalgam fillings. In subjects with more than 12 amalgam restorations, brain tissue contained the highest mercury levels. As with the chewing gum study, their findings suggested that dental amalgam caused increased levels of mercury in body tissue.

A Need for More Studies

Despite strong evidence of the relationship between high mercury levels in the body and amalgam fillings, these studies are few and far between. Another part of the reason why dental amalgam is still approved by the ADA despite evidence of being a health risk could be a lack of repeat studies. Although there are a large number of studies that demonstrate higher levels of mercury in people with amalgam fillings, many of these studies are not being repeated. They are conducted once, and then their evidence becomes lost to time.

Avoid the Risk with Holistic Dentistry

Here at our office, we believe in practicing holistic dentistry that protects your overall wellbeing. Abundant evidence exists that amalgam fillings are harmful to your body and the environment. In order to protect your health, we use tooth colored fillings made of a composite material for dental restorations. If you have old amalgam fillings that you would like to have replaced, we are more than happy to help. You should never have to choose between the health of your teeth and the health of your body.

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