5 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover After Your Big Break (or Before!)

It’s one of life’s great blessings. One day, you are struggling away anonymously at your calling, happy to be doing what you love, even if you’re just barely scraping by. And the next, you’ve suddenly achieved recognition for what you do. Pretty soon, you’re recognized as a leader in your profession, and it’s not long before people consider you a spokesperson, whether you’ve officially been given the position or not.

All of a sudden, you are thrust into the public eye, and everything has changed. When this happens, or when you think it might happen, a smile makeover is a great investment. It can make a dramatic difference in how well you are able to handle your sudden success and continue doing what you love.


One unfortunate side effect of sudden success is “imposter syndrome.” You can begin to doubt yourself and how much you deserve the position you’ve earned. This doubt is completely unjustified — you wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t deserve it — and because it’s irrational it can be triggered by any number of things.

If you are aware that your smile is unattractive, discolored, or damaged, it can undermine your confidence, causing you to trip over your words, feel crippling anxiety before public appearances, and have other problems related to your work that you never had before.

When you move into the public eye, you need all the confidence you can get, and some of the things that used to be just nagging doubts can assume larger proportions, which is why a smile makeover can be important: having full confidence in your attractive smile can help eliminate doubts so you can feel more confident overall.

People Judge Your Smile

As you’ve become something of a public figure, you’re suddenly meeting a lot more people. Everyone wants to introduce you to someone, and all those people are going to be judging your smile.

The person introducing you may think you’re a guru, a visionary, an inspiration, or just a wonderful person, but the person you’re being introduced to may know little to nothing about you. They are judging you on the basis of what they see–and that includes your smile. In fact, it’s your smile that they’ll likely remember most from that initial encounter, probably even more than what you said. And when people see a discolored or damaged smile, they may think you are unhealthy and not as intelligent as you are reputed to be. They may even think you unkind, because people tend to put a lot of negative feelings on someone with an unattractive smile.

Getting a smile makeover can help you make great first impressions at this vital time in your career.

People Expect Leaders to Smile

You might think that you can kind of conceal your smile and muddle through, but the truth is that Americans expect our leaders to smile big smiles. It’s an essential part of our culture: you are expected to smile broadly to demonstrate your energy, vitality, and dynamism.

If you’re not comfortable doing that because your smile is unattractive, people might not consider you a leader.

Maintain Your Health

But a smile makeover isn’t just about appearance, it can also be about maintaining the healthy of your teeth and jaw. With your schedule suddenly overcrowded and your energy depleted, the last thing you can afford is to let yourself get sick. But that’s what can happen if you don’t take care of your teeth.

If you have been working with a reactive dentist, one who primarily waits for things to break before attempting to fix them, then the odds are good that your mouth isn’t actually healthy, it’s just not too sick. This means that there’s a good likelihood that you can experience oral health problems in the near future: a failed filling, a broken tooth, an abscess. These are the kinds of things that can dramatically disrupt your schedule, forcing you to cancel appearances, workshops, or meetings with new important clients. A smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction from a proactive dentist can identify these potential problems before they occur and fix them when it’s convenient as opposed to whenever chance dictates.

One important problem to consider if your new status requires public speaking: temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). If you are suddenly exercising your jaw a lot more with public speaking, you can definitely feel the consequences if your jaw isn’t properly balanced: jaw pain, headaches, jaw sounds, ringing in the ears, vertigo, and maybe even tingling in your hands and fingers.

A TMJ dentist can help establish your jaw in a healthy position, making it easier to speak clearly and loudly, and to do it frequently for long periods of time.

Eliminate Distractions

When you get recognized for what you do, you want people to focus on your achievements and your message–not your teeth. If you have an unattractive smile, it can be a distraction from the message you’re conveying, and cause people to stop paying attention.

And people may use it as an excuse to discredit what you’re saying. It’s stupid and illogical, but people do it all the time, especially if you’re saying something they already don’t want to hear–in other words, the very people you most need to reach.

Your Smile Is Your Brand

We’ve said it before: your smile is your brand , and if you want people to recognize and respect your brand, you need a healthy, attractive smile.

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