5 Reasons to Practice Your Smile

Are you practicing your smile in front of the mirror? If not, you may be missing out on some great benefits. Don’t believe us? Well, here are five reasons why practicing your smile is a great idea.

Get Better at It

Many people think of a smile as something that happens automatically, and that’s partly true, especially for spontaneous smiles. But social smiles are often a conscious choice, and, as such, they’re a skill that you can get better at with practice.

You may even be able to master the Duchenne smile, which is often considered to be a genuine smile. This is a smile that happens not just with your lips and teeth, but also with your eyes. For a hundred years, scientists believed that this smile couldn’t be faked, but more recently we have learned that some people can make a “genuine” smile with practice.

Make Sure It’s Healthy

Regular dental checkups should be enough to make sure you have good oral health, but what about between checkups? Some issues can arise quickly, so it’s a good idea to inspect your teeth regularly to make sure there are no health issues developing. Look for cavities , chipping, cracking, or wear on the teeth. But also make sure to inspect your gums to see if they have a healthy color or if they’re red and inflamed, potentially even receding from gum disease.

Feel More Confident

Knowing that your smile is attractive and healthy can give you the confidence to smile easily when situations demand it, whether we’re talking about a date, a wedding, or even just a networking opportunity.

In these situations, your smile is your brand, and you need to be able to call on it spontaneously with confidence knowing that it’s ready.

Feel Happier

Smiling more can help you feel happier, even if those smiles are forced in front of the mirror. That’s because the muscle receptors in our cheeks communicate with the brain, and when they tell the brain that they are smiling, your brain can become convinced that you are happy, so it elevates your mood.

Getting in a few extra smiles in the morning before you start your day will improve your mood.

Know When It Needs a Touch-Up

But practicing your smiles is also a great way to be the first to know if your smile is not as attractive as it used to be. There are many things that can impact the appearance of your smile with time, such as discoloration related to consuming staining foods and beverages. Practicing your smile will tell you when this is happening to your smile and you might want a smile makeover.

And it can help you know what procedures might be necessary, whether it’s teeth whitening to counter staining, orthodontics to counter drift, or porcelain veneers to correct both.

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