Why Shiny Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

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When it comes to your teeth, health and beauty often go hand in hand, which is why all good dentistry is  cosmetic dentistryWhite teeth, for example, show that they are free of decay and have thick, strong enamel to protect them.

But it’s not just the color of your teeth, it’s their luster that shows their health.

Shiny Teeth Are Smooth and Clean

What makes your teeth shiny? An essential part of it is your tooth enamel, which is a natural glass capable of reflecting light. But another big part is that it is smooth and clean.

A smooth surface reflects more light, and it reflects it in a uniform way so that the eye receives the coherent light, which gives it that visible sparkle. When the surface of the tooth is rough and pitted, the light that it reflects gets scattered around and doesn’t create the same sparkle.

Plaque is another problem that keeps your teeth from shining. Plaque often looks white, but it absorbs and scatters more light than enamel does. That keeps your teeth from shining.

Rough Teeth Are in for a Rough Time

Besides a lack of shine, what are the consequences of roughened teeth? Rough teeth are more likely to trap stain molecules, making them vulnerable to stains in the future. But rough teeth are also easier for bacteria to grab hold of. This lets them establish colonies and build up what is known as a biofilm on your teeth. Biofilms are one of the main components of plaque, and it’s the source of cavities.

When bacteria cluster on your teeth, the acid they excrete when eating sugars attacks your tooth enamel. This removes minerals from the enamel, and eventually turns the roughened surface into a pit or cavity.

How to Keep Your Teeth Shiny

So how do you keep your teeth shiny and healthy? Start by doing the things we recommend for maintaining oral health: brush at least twice daily and make your regular visits to the dentist. Brushing keeps your teeth free of plaque, and at your dental checkups, we will polish your teeth smooth.

But you should also avoid abrasive toothpastes. Unfortunately, most toothpastes don’t advertise their abrasiveness, but we can recommend some that are easy on your teeth. Abrasive toothpastes create scratches in your enamel, which can make it less shiny and more vulnerable.

You can brush more than twice a day to keep your teeth shiny, but if you’re going to, brush without toothpaste.

Reduce your consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Enamel is strong, but it’s weak against acidic attack. Every time you drink acidic beverages like wine, soda, or fruit juice, it can create small pits in your enamel.

Finally, if you’re unhappy with the shine of your natural teeth, you might consider restorations like [link id=’50925′ text=’veneers’], which are not only smooth and shiny, they are resistant to acidic attack and staining, so they stay bright and beautiful for a decade or more.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Polish Teeth at Home

If shiny teeth are good, then you might think it’s also a good idea to polish your teeth. After all, we do it in our office, so why shouldn’t you do it at home? There are two good reasons why not.

First, the quality tools we have in our office is likely better than what you’d be using at home. We have quality tools that get the best, smooth polishing with the least damage to your teeth. Plus, we have professional training and a lot of practice in using these tools, so we know how to do it right.

Second, too much polishing isn’t good for your teeth. Polishing does remove enamel from your teeth, and while it’s a good thing to do every once in awhile (like twice a year), doing it too often will damage your teeth. If your teeth aren’t staying shiny enough between appointments, check the section above and see what you might do to extend the shine.

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