Why Quality Dental Care Is Worth Paying for

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These days, we are conditioned that the most important factor in deciding between options is the one that’s cheapest. And it’s easy to understand why: everyone has a tight budget, and with costs going up all the time (especially in healthcare), it can be hard to make sure everything fits.

But the truth is that the cheapest option isn’t always the best, especially when it comes to healthcare. In fact, there are many good reasons why it’s worth investing in quality dental care.

Restorations May Last Longer

One of the best reasons to invest in quality dental care is that it can actually save you money over the long run. Quality dental care uses better materials, and the improved training and experience of a high end dentist can mean a better fit. These can combine to make restorations last longer. In many ways, dentistry that is “good enough” is not good enough .

Longer-lasting restorations mean that you don’t need to pay to replace the restoration as often. That not only saves you the cost of replacement, it saves you the time it takes to come in and get a replacement.

Better Looking Restorations Can Improve Earnings

Another benefit of quality dentistry is that it takes into account the appearance of your smile. Many dentists look at a problem in your teeth, then try to fix it using the cheapest materials possible. Cheap materials don’t last as long, and often don’t look as good, either. Quality dentistry is more likely to be cosmetic dentistry , and that can improve your earnings.

Many surveys have shown that the appearance of your smile can impact your odds of getting hired, and your initial salary offer as well. People with more attractive teeth are seen as being more intelligent, more successful, and even more compassionate.

This can be partly because of your appearance, but it might also be related to how confident you are and how you present yourself. Feeling free to share your smile can make you seem more hirable and get you a better initial offer, too.

Being Proactive about Health Can Reduce Costs, Too

One way that low-price dentists keep their costs low is by only treating the immediate problems. They focus on the worst issues and get them treated now, but leave others untreated. This can put you in an overall state of poor oral health. While this may save you money on dental care (at least in the short run) it can lead to more expensive healthcare overall.

Poor oral health has been linked to higher costs in treating heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pregnancy complications. These additional costs can be several thousand dollars a year. That likely wipes out any savings you might have gained by picking a cheaper dentist.

Better Dental Experience Matters

And we can’t neglect the fact that low-cost dental care feels, well, cheap, and it can make you feel cheap, too. You become just another person who is churned through the factory of a dental office, with little time to talk to your dentist or hygienist. The dentist may be constantly running late, which takes more time out of your busy schedule.

And if a dental appointment is stressful, it can make an even bigger impact on your day. You will spend the time before an appointment worrying about it, and the time after recovering from it. This saps your productivity and may steal a full day’s work from you even if your appointment is only an hour.

But a dental office that has a spa-like environment can actually help you have a better day and get more work done. You’ll feel rejuvenated after your appointment and ready to take on any challenges the day has to offer. Plus, you’ll have the confidence of a healthy, attractive smile.

Quality Dental Care in Tulsa

If you’re tired of dealing with the struggles of cheap dentistry, it’s time to work with a quality dentist. Quality dentistry can fit in your budget thanks to financing and payment options.

And if you’re looking for a quality dentist in Tulsa, please call (918) 528-3330 today for an appointment with Dr. Meghan Hodges at élan.

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