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Why You Should Choose FOY® Dentures

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If you are considering getting dentures, you might think about getting the same old dentures that your grandparents and their grandparents had. Certainly, there are dentists out there who will make this kind of dentures for you. But you don’t have to settle for old-fashioned dentures that don’t do what they’re supposed to do. There is a better option. The Denture Fountain of Youth ® is a better approach to dentures, and here are five great reasons to choose this new alternative to traditional dentures.

Get Out of Pain

Many people decide to get dentures because their natural teeth hurt. If you have extensive tooth decay, advanced gum disease, and poorly fitted restorations, you might experience pain every time you eat.

Of course, traditional dentures don’t always solve the problem. You might have gotten rid of unhealthy teeth, but you replaced them with imbalanced dentures. These dentures rest on your gums–which aren’t capable of supporting bite forces–and create pressure spots. This can make eating as painful as ever.

But with FOY ® Dentures, you can enjoy pain-free eating. Even without dental implants , FOY ® Dentures are well-balanced on your gums, so the pressure is distributed evenly, eliminating pressure spots. And with dental implants, you can enjoy the same strong bite force that natural teeth deliver.

Find Your Confidence Again

When you have unhealthy teeth, you can’t help but feel that everyone notices. Discolored, decayed, crooked, and broken teeth all call attention to themselves. It makes you reluctant to engage in social situations–both personal and professional–where people might notice your gums.

Traditional dentures might not fix this, though. These dentures can often look better than badly damaged teeth, but they can also look fake. And there are many situations where they can come out of your mouth if you’re talking loud or laughing. And the fear of that embarrassment can sap your confidence.

But FOY ® Dentures look beautiful, and natural. It’s a smile makeover as well as a denture. Not only can you have the best smile of your life, but no one will suspect that they’re dentures. And the precise fit ensures they won’t come out unexpectedly, and dental implants can make them even more secure.

Be Free to Be Yourself

When you have unhealthy teeth, you often train yourself not to smile. You also learn to talk with your mouth closed or with your hand in front of your mouth so that no one can see your teeth. This isn’t you. It isn’t how you used to be, and it isn’t how you want to be.

But traditional dentures don’t help with this, either. You might still want to conceal the fake-looking plastic teeth, and any really expressive speech or gesture has the risk of ejecting these dentures.

But with FOY ® Dentures, the natural appearance and secure fit lets you feel secure so you can act natural.

Enjoy a Variety of Foods

One of the hardest things about having unhealthy teeth is that you have to give up many of the foods you used to enjoy. They are too hard to eat, or too painful.

With traditional dentures, you might get some of those foods back, but not all. These dentures sit on your gums, so you can’t bite down as hard as you used to. And because they’re loose, you can’t get enough leverage to tear and chew many foods. Plus, even if you can eat them, you might not enjoy them. Traditional dentures cover your palate, which is almost as important for your sense of taste as your tongue is.

But FOY ® Dentures let you chew better. Their improved fit makes an amazing difference. And, when combined with dental implants, you can eat all the foods you used to enjoy. And then you won’t need to have your palate covered, which can restore your sense of taste.

Have a Youthful Appearance

Our teeth help provide shape to our face. And because we got our natural teeth when we’re young, our youthful proportions developed when our skin, teeth, and bones were in balance. But as teeth wear down and are lost, there ends up being more skin than teeth and bone, which causes the skin to sag and fold.

Traditional dentures don’t care about this. Traditional dentures don’t measure what your face’s ideal proportions are, but this is part of the FOY ® Dentures process. We can measure the muscles in your jaw to determine the ideal dimensions of your dentures. That helps reduce your wrinkles, firm up your features, and rejuvenate your appearances.

Better Dentures Are Available

You don’t have to live with unhealthy teeth, and you don’t have to settle for dentures that aren’t much better than broken and decayed teeth. FOY ® Dentures can do more than just restore your teeth, they can restore your life. Turn your back on pain, restore your confidence, and be free to be yourself. Eat what you want and look as young as you feel. These are the benefits of FOY ® Dentures.

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