A Smile Could Be The Key To Your Success

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If you’re like most professionals, you’re spending this time of year strategizing for the next eleven months. You’re standing on 2020’s doorstep, wondering what you can do this year to drive greater business success and make sure that at this time next year, you’re satisfied with your work.

But while it’s certainly a great time to be putting together a business plan, brushing up your resume, or figuring out how to ask for a raise, there’s one much simpler thing you can focus on to make sure 2020 is a banner year: Smile.

Smile for Success

You may have heard that smiling makes you happy, or makes you more attractive. But did you know it can benefit you in the workplace, too?

Part of that may be because smiling is slightly involuntary. Two Swedish studies found that seeing another person smile actually weakens your control over your own facial muscles, making you feel compelled to smile. Remember how smiling makes you happy? It makes sense that being around someone who makes you smile will make you happier — talk about a positive impression!

But smiling doesn’t just benefit those around you; it makes you look good, too. A study from Penn State University found that people perceive a smiling person as not just more likeable, but more competent. If your boss sees you as more competent, you’re more likely to see a raise in your future. If clients or customers see you as more competent, you’re likely to make more sales and close more deals.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with this simple tool for success.

Scared to Smile?

Sure, smiling is great… but if you aren’t happy with your teeth, you might be consciously suppressing the smile that can boost your business (and personal) life. If you’re too scared to smile, you’re not alone: One study found that more than a quarter of people avoid smiling because they’re embarrassed by their teeth.

It’s no wonder so many people have nerves about their smile. After all, our culture puts a high value on having straight, white teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the kind of smile we see on our celebrities and models. (In fact, few people are!) Instead, the most striking smiles are often a result of cosmetic dentistry.

Luckily, cosmetic dentistry is no longer just the territory of the rich and famous. These days, getting your teeth straightened, whitened , or even replacing missing teeth is more affordable and accessible than ever.

Your smile could be a valuable tool in your toolbox for personal and professional success. Don’t you want to be comfortable using the tools you have? If you’re considering making a few cosmetic improvements to your smile, we can help. Call élan at (918) 528-3330 or contact us online to make an appointment with Tulsa cosmetic dentist Dr. Meghan Hodges. We’d love to talk with you about your options for a smile makeover.

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