Signs Your Headache is From TMJ

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June is National Migraine Awareness Month and at élan in Tulsa, OK, we want our patients to know the difference between a migraine and a TMJ headache or migraine. Oftentimes, migraines, and headaches never go away because their root cause is never addressed. Unfortunately, TMJ goes undiagnosed by physicians more often than not. Physicians will often blame constant headaches on hormonal changes or prescribe their patients medicine that doesn’t help. Discover the different signs your headache might be from TMJ so you can get the treatment you need to feel better.

Your Bite is Off

One of the first signs your headache or migraine is from TMJ is if your bite is off. Do your teeth bite together correctly? If they don’t, this is the first sign. Oftentimes when the bite doesn’t align correctly, neither do the jaw joints. The imbalance of jaw joints then causes a strain which can then cause constant migraines or headaches.

You Have Pain in Forehead, Neck, Temples, or Back of Your Head

Aside from the stabbing pain of your headache, a sign you have TMJ is also pain located in the forehead, neck, temples, or back of your head. The temporomandibular joint rests right next to the muscles that connect throughout your entire head and neck. When the joint is imbalanced, the muscles become strained and stretch the pain throughout your head and neck.

You Have Forward Head Posture

Your head is supposed to center itself over your shoulders. If your head instead rests in front of your shoulders, you have forward head posture. Forward head posture is related to your airway and bite and can cause strain on your neck muscles and vertebrae. This is another sign of TMJ.

Your Jaw Clicks or Pops

When you open or close your mouth, listen for sounds of clicks or pops. If these noises occur, it’s a sign of TMJ. The sounds come from the lower portion of the jaw joint not resting in the correct position.

You Wake Up with Headaches

The last sign your frequent migraines are caused by TMJ is that you wake up with headaches. The reason you will wake up with headaches with TMJ is from grinding or clenching your teeth at night. When you put excessive force on your jaw joints, the muscles become strained. These muscles extend to your head which can cause a headache.

TMJ Treatment in Tulsa

If you think that TMJ is the cause of your headaches, don’t wait around for a magical treatment to appear. Visit élan in Tulsa for a TMJ diagnosis and to receive TMJ treatment that relieves your headaches and migraines. Contact Dr. Hodges today by calling (918) 528-3330.

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