Show Off Your Best Smile for the Holidays

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It’s that time of year again — the time of year where you reunite with family, attend countless dinners and parties, and have to smile for plenty of group photos. That last one can be rough for the more than 25% of people who don’t like smiling because of their teeth.

If embarrassment about your teeth has prevented you from grinning in past years’ holiday photos, you may not be looking forward to your next holiday dinner. But with a quick trip to the dentist, you can have a smile you’re proud to show off in no time.

A Quick Fix for Chips and Gaps

Even if they’re small and harmless, chips and gaps can make an otherwise attractive smile appear flawed. Luckily, they’re extremely easy to correct with dental bonding. In this procedure, your dentist will use a liquid composite resin to build onto your tooth and form the proper shape. Bonding can erase chips, fill in gaps, and even lengthen or change the shape of teeth that stand out. Best of all, your dentist can custom tint the resin to match your natural teeth exactly, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

If you need to get a quick fix in before the holidays, bonding is a speedy option. It requires no preparation and can usually be completed in just one visit. It doesn’t even require anesthesia!

Go Up a Shade or Two

If it’s a discolored or yellowed set of teeth that’s keeping you from smiling in that family photo, a whitening appointment could be the answer. We offer both an in-office whitening treatment and a take-home treatment, which can even be used together for stronger whitening power.

An in-office treatment can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in just one visit. This process can lighten stains caused by food and drink, smoking, and even age. If you’d prefer whitening on your own schedule, we can provide you with professional grade bleaching trays that show brilliant results even after just one use, but can continue to brighten your smile for up to two weeks of treatments. When used in combination, in-office and at-home whitening can give you a brilliant smile in no time–and help you keep it white for life!

Get a Full Speedy Smile Makeover

If your smile needs a more extreme solution, don’t worry — you might be able to get the results you want before the holiday season strikes. Porcelain veneers can fix everything from stains to chips to crooked teeth, completely rebuilding your smile in just two visits. In two short weeks, you could have a brand new, glamorous smile to show off at the office holiday party or your family get-together.

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