Not Happy with Braces? You Can Switch to Invisalign

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If you’ve started orthodontic treatment with braces, you might regret your decision. Although traditional orthodontics do have some advantages, there are many drawbacks that you might have underestimated when you first made your decision, only to find later that they matter more than you thought.

The good news is: you can switch to Invisalign in many cases, though there are some drawbacks.

Why People Dislike Braces

Braces are a very effective way to move teeth, but they do have many drawbacks. First, they’re highly visible. You might not think this matters, but after you get a few odd looks or notice people responding to you differently, you might change your mind.

Another problem is the serious diet restrictions with braces. Thinking about the foods you will miss is different from actually having to do without them. Cravings can get unbearable, and when you give in, you run up against another problem with braces.

Braces require extensive hygiene to make sure they stay clean and avoid tooth decay and gum disease. The exhaustive hygiene routine tends to get tiresome after a little while.

Invisalign Fixes These Problems

Invisalign can help with the complaints people have about their braces. Invisalign is practically invisible–most people won’t notice them.

You can enjoy all your favorite foods, whether it’s chewing gum or popcorn or pizza. There are no diet restrictions.

And though you have to brush and floss more often with Invisalign, it’s just the same as oral hygiene without Invisalign. There’s no special tools or techniques required.

Making the Switch

So how do you switch from braces to Invisalign? Ideally, it’s best to plan from the beginning to make the crossover so that you can start your treatment by making sure you accomplish the movements that braces do best first, then switch to the ones that Invisalign is suited for next. Then the braces have to be removed before Invisalign treatment can be planned.

If you currently have braces, schedule a consultation with an Invisalign provider for an evaluation. You will then need to talk to your orthodontist and see if you can maneuver your teeth so that you’re ready for Invisalign. Working together, your orthodontist and Invisalign provider can determine the best way to approach the transition.

To learn more about switching from Braces to Invisalign, please call (918) 528-3330 today for an appointment today.

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