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Recently, we had the opportunity to show the results of a smile makeover at the Runway Tulsa show. Local model Mary Lynch showed off her results at the show, saying, “I can’t imagine a better or more beautiful accessory!”

Since then, many people have asked us if they, too, could get equally beautiful results from their smile makeover. The answer is: yes! Tulsa cosmetic dentist Dr. Meghan Hodges can design a smile makeover to help practically anyone have a great looking smile.

We Can Address Any Problem

Smile makeovers are custom procedures. They can be designed to address any problem you might have with the appearance of your smile. We can design a procedure that addresses:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Small, worn, or poorly shaped teeth
  • Crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth
  • Missing teeth

In fact, we often have multiple options to address each of these concerns. Here are some of the possible approaches to address these concerns. Remember, these procedures can be combined to design your custom smile makeover.

Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth are usually caused by staining materials in food, drink, and other environmental sources, including cigarette smoke. This type of discoloration can easily be addressed with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening chemically breaks down the staining molecules in the teeth, restoring a more youthful white color. In some cases, even tetracycline stains in teeth will respond to whitening.

However, if the discoloration comes from within the tooth, it won’t respond to whitening. The source of discoloration could be thin enamel, defects in the enamel, dark dentin, tooth trauma, tooth decay, old fillings, or an infected tooth. To improve the appearance of teeth discolored this way, we might recommend dental veneers or dental crowns , depending on the exact cause.

These conceal your natural tooth material, so your teeth can be as white as you want.

Small, Worn, or Poorly Shaped Teeth

Some people have naturally small teeth. Other times, small teeth are actually retained baby teeth. Teeth can wear down with time, too, so even teeth that might have been long at first can be small now. Small chips can also cause visible defects in the appearance of your smile.

In addition, some teeth may have an unattractive shape, such as peg laterals. This is a subjective category, so some people might have teeth that look normal or attractive to others, but which make them unhappy. For example, you might have incisors that are too large or square, or canines that are too sharp or not sharp enough.

We can reshape your teeth using many different tools. In some situations, we might contour your teeth by removing a small amount of material. Other times, we might recommend dental bonding, especially if you just want minor reshaping.

Most often, we will address this problem with dental veneers or crowns.

Crooked, Crowded, or Gapped Teeth

Most often, crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth occur for developmental reasons. They are genetic to some extent. If your parents had crooked teeth, you will likely have them, too. The problem can also be influenced by your diet, your environment, and some health conditions.

If you have bite problems like TMJ, it can drive your teeth out of position, especially if you also have gum disease , which can lead to increased tooth mobility.

The most common treatment for crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth is orthodontic treatment like Invisalign. However, we can also address the problem by reshaping teeth with veneers, crowns, or bonding.

Missing Teeth

Some people don’t develop all their teeth. They may be missing one or two, most, or even all their teeth. However, it is more common that people lose teeth because of gum disease, infection, or trauma.

The best treatment option for missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. They don’t require any special care. And, when properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

Dental implants can support any number of teeth: just one tooth, a dental bridge of just a few teeth, or a full denture.

You Can Be Almost Any Age

Some people will tell you that you are either too young or too old for a smile makeover. It is true that we want to wait until your smile has developed enough before we attempt certain procedures. For dental implants, we want to make sure your jaw has finished growing. However, teens can get Invisalign, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and other procedures with their parents’ consent, if the procedure is appropriate.

On the other hand, you are never too old for a smile makeover. If you are in good oral health, you can have successful orthodontic treatment in your golden years. Older adults get good results with orthodontic treatment if they have good oral health.

The same is true for dental implants. Studies show patients over 80 have the same success rate as those under 80.  As long as you’re healthy enough for surgery and have good bone mass to support the implants, you have have the procedure.

Dealing with the Cost of a Smile Makeover

Many people are concerned that the cost of a smile makeover might be prohibitive. Because smile makeovers are custom procedures, we can’t tell you the cost before we design your unique treatment plan. However, we can tell you that there are many ways to manage the cost of a smile makeover.

For example, if budget is a major concern, we might design a smile makeover that combines more economical procedures like dental bonding and teeth whitening.

We can also use what is known as staged treatment to control the cost. We can design your smile makeover so that you get the procedure in stages so that you can pay for each stage before going on to the next stage.

We also offer financing, which can help you fit the cost of a smile makeover in your budget.

Let Us Design Your Smile Makeover in Tulsa

If you are considering a smile makeover in Tulsa, we can help. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Meghan Hodges has shown that she can achieve great results for her patients. Let her design your new beautiful smile.

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