Deciding How Many Restorations in a Smile Makeover

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smile makeover is a custom-designed approach to restoring your smile. It can be done with a full set of restorations, or it can focus on just one tooth. So how do you decide how many restorations are the right number for your smile makeover. Here’s an approach that can give you a good estimate.

How Many Teeth Are Damaged?

The first place to start is with teeth that are damaged and need repair. This can vary widely. If your teeth were damaged due to trauma or an accident, you might have damaged just one or two teeth. If your teeth were damaged by wear because of bruxism, it’s possible that all your teeth have been worn down and you want to restore them all.

How Many Teeth Show?

Another important consideration is looking at how many teeth show when you smile. You’ll want to make sure all these teeth look attractive, and look like a set. For many people, this is at least the upper six teeth. Other people may show more to the sides, or may show both upper and lower teeth when smiling.

It’s possible to match restorations to your natural teeth, but if you’re not happy with the appearance of your natural teeth, now’s the time to improve their appearance as well so that you get an attractive smile you’ll be happy to show.

And don’t forget to take into consideration teeth that may show during other activities , such as talking or eating. This may be a good opportunity to trade out some of your old metal amalgam fillings for more attractive tooth colored fillings.

Are Your Teeth Stained?

If your teeth are stained, it might make more sense to get all the visible teeth treated. In many cases, this will just be teeth whitening. Your restorations can then be matched to the color of your whitened natural teeth.

But if your teeth tend to get stained quickly, it might be better to cover them with dental veneers or crowns. These are stain resistant, so you can enjoy a brighter, whiter smile for longer.

Is Your Bite Healthy?

A less common consideration is whether you have bite problems like TMJ. If you do have bite problems, we may not want to fix the damaged front teeth without altering the imbalance in your bite. If we do, the new restorations will just get damaged as well. We may recommend a full mouth reconstruction.

However, we may not restore all the teeth at once in this case. We may start with a bite splint that will help us protect your new restorations and precisely diagnose your bite problem.

Let Us Design Your Smile Makeover

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we can design a custom approach to making your smile beautiful again. To learn more about your smile makeover in Tulsa, OK, please call (918) 528-3330 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at élan Tulsa Cosmetic Dentistry.

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