7 Tips On How To Care For And Maintain Your Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that cover your teeth’ imperfections. They improve the look of your smile by changing the size, length, color, and shape of your teeth. In fact, one major benefit of this cosmetic dental treatment is it can address multiple issues. As such, this procedure offers you a complete “smile makeover”.

Porcelain veneers provide many patients with the smile of their dreams. Therefore, it makes sense to want to take proper care of them to extend their lifespan. After all, if well-maintained, this treatment can last up to 15 years, or more.

Below are some top tips.

1.Proper Oral Hygiene Routine

An advantage of veneers is that they don’t require “special” cleaning care, unlike dentures or traditional metal braces. You can continue your regular oral hygiene routine, as normal. This means brushing twice a day and flossing. Don’t forget the mouthwash rinse! It’s important to note, as your dentist in Tulsa places veneers over your teeth, they are still at risk of decay and disease. As such, it’s key that you don’t allow your oral health care routine to slip after this treatment.

2. Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Speaking of proper oral health care, reach for soft-bristle toothbrushes, versus hard ones. The hard-bristle brushes can damage the polish of your porcelain veneers. As well, some whitening toothpaste can be too abrasive for veneers. Lastly, mouthwashes with alcohol are likelier to stain your veneers. If you’re concerned about what oral hygiene tools to use, your Tulsa dentist can give you some guidance.

3. Regular Dental Check-Ups and Professional Cleanings

Your regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings are key to maintaining porcelain veneers. After all, your dentist reviews gum health, teeth, and your overall mouth. In addition, they also look at any issues with your veneers before they turn into something problematic. This will help prolong the lifespan and secure the investment of this treatment.

4. Invest In A Mouthguard

If you are active in sports, investing in a mouthguard during play is a nice idea for your porcelain veneers. One head-on collision or an elbow to the mouth could destroy them.

Alternatively, if you clench or grind your teeth, a mouthguard is an excellent idea (whether you have veneers or not). This act will wear down your porcelain veneers but can cause tooth damage, too.

5. Don’t Use Your Teeth As Tools

This is true of your real teeth, too. After all, using them as “tools” will damage them. Just because veneers are durable, doesn’t mean you should be using them to open packages or bottles. Other harmful habits include chewing habitually on pens, ice, or your fingernails.

Remember, your teeth (and veneers) aren’t pliers, bottle openers, scissors, or nutcrackers. Please do not use them to replace these household tools.

6. Butt-Out The Bad Habits

We all know that smoking is bad for your health. However, smoking is also terrible if you have porcelain veneers. That’s because smoking can cause them to stain and discolor. If you decide to move forward with this treatment, you may need to “butt-out”, for good.

7. Don’t Overload On Sugar

This tip is a good one for porcelain veneer maintenance, but holds with your natural teeth, as well. Try and avoid sodas and hard candy. This is due to sugar. The occasional treat is one thing. However, regular consumption is another. The all-day sugar fix increases your chances of tooth decay.

Overall, porcelain veneers are a reliable, durable answer to several different cosmetic dental concerns. Best of all, in just two visits you can have a brand-new smile to show off. While veneers can be the solution to your smile issues, it’s key to take proper care of them. This will ensure you enjoy them for as long as you can.

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