Can Your Smile Be “Too Perfect”?

One of the concerns that people often express about cosmetic dentistry is that they don’t want their smile to be “too perfect.” They don’t want their smile to be too white, too straight, for fear that it might look unnatural.

If this is your concern, let us put you at ease–there are many ways that modern cosmetic dentistry approaches this issue to ensure you get the results you’re looking for from your smile makeover.

Your Younger Smile

One reason why people come in for cosmetic dentistry is if their smile used to look good, but over time it has been damaged, decayed, discolored, or worn down. If this is your problem, we can look at pictures from when you were happy with your smile and reproduce your smile as it used to exist then. This ensures that you get a natural-looking smile that maintains your true appearance.

Maintain Unique Character

On the other hand, there may be many things you want to change about your smile, but perhaps a few things you want to maintain. We will listen to your description of your smile and sort out the aspects of your smile that you want to change, and the ones you want to keep. We will then design a new smile for you that combines both elements: eliminating what you don’t like, but keeping what you do.

Designs Based on Nature

If you are looking to completely transform your smile, we can still base our designs on characteristics of natural smiles so that you will get great-looking results that still look like a natural smile. The restoration material, such as porcelain veneers , will have a translucency like natural tooth enamel, and we can incorporate irregularities to help make your smile look more natural, too.

The Final Choice Is Yours

In the end, you have total control over your smile makeover. We will listen to your descriptions of what you’re looking for, and design what we think is the right restoration, but in the end, you’re the one who approves the designs before they get sent to the lab.

That way, your smile will be as attractive as you want it, but you won’t ever feel that it’s “too perfect.”

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