3 Things That Only the Right Dentist Can Give You

These days, most things you buy can be gotten all over the place with little, if any difference. You can pick up a certain pair of shoes in three different stores in the mall, or even order them online if you decide you don’t want to buy them in person. And many aspects of dentistry are the same way these days. Many dentists have access to the same dental materials. Many of them use the same labs to create their restorations. Many of them use the same software and equipment in their offices.

But what are the things that truly set one dentist apart from others? They aren’t many in number, but they are crucial for the health and appearance of your teeth.

An Eye for Design

Cosmetic dentistry depends on the ability of the cosmetic dentist to know what truly makes a smile attractive. Sure, there are some guidelines and some general principles, but when it comes to designing your smile for you, that’s all on the dentist. It depends on his ability to see what would give you a beautiful smile.

Precise Movements

Many cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive dentistry procedures involve removing some natural tooth material in order to make room for restorations like porcelain veneers or dental crowns. When your dentist is removing this material, you want your dentist to have a precise hand so that no more material is removed than necessary, and the new surface is ideally suited to making impressions for your new restorations.  Quality impressions make for better fit, maximum comfort, and long life for your restorations.

You also want a dentist with a steady hand for placing restorations. This is the other half of ensuring the proper fit for your restorations, and you want to make sure your dentist has the touch for getting it right.

A Personal Connection

Your relationship with your dentist is a very personal one. You have to feel comfortable telling him details about your life that you might not share with anyone else. You also have to feel comfortable with the physical closeness, since your dentist will literally be “in your face” as they work inside your mouth.

If you don’t feel fully comfortable with a dentist, then he’s not the right dentist for you.

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