Many of us just kind of stumble onto our current dentist. Maybe we picked them from a list of dentists covered by our insurance. Or maybe they happen to be convenient to home or work. Or maybe they’re the dentist our parents used or that we’ve been seeing since we were kids.

However you chose your current dentist, you shouldn’t stick with that dentist if they’re not right for you. Sticking with a dentist out of habit is not good for your teeth and it’s not good for you.

Poor Quality Results

The most important trait your dentist must possess is delivering quality results. If you’re not getting the results you want from your current dentist, then it’s time to consider a new dentist.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your results, you should look for a cosmetic dentist. If your restorations are uncomfortable or don’t seem to fit right, maybe a neuromuscular dentist with experience treating TMJ could get a better fit for you. Or if your restorations are failing too soon, look for a dentist who uses higher quality materials.

Outdated Technology

Dental technology is constantly improving, and good dentists are constantly investing in new developments that will improve your experience or results. If you notice your dentist’s technology is all out of date, you should consider looking for a new dentist. Even if you haven’t noticed poor quality results, you might wonder how good your results could be, not to mention how much more pleasant your experience might be with some of the new developments in comfort technology.

Doesn’t Offer the Services You Want

Some dentists have only a limited idea of what dentistry means. They’ll do a cleaning for you and maybe drill and fill the occasional cavity or even place a crown once in a while, but anything beyond that is outside their scope.

Other dentists offers a full range of dental procedures, including sleep apnea treatment , dental implants , and maybe even cosmetic procedures like BOTOX ® Cosmetic, Juvéderm, and others. If you want a full-service dentist, you can find one if you look.

Inadequate or Declining Skills

Although all dentists are equally qualified in terms of training, some of them are just a little more talented than others. This will show up in some of the little things, such as how long it takes to prepare your teeth, take impressions, and fit restorations. It can also be present in your dentist’s eye, which can make a difference in the design of your restorations.

Some dentists never had these skills, while others had them, but may have lost them. If you notice that your dentist is taking longer than usual or is poking you a bit too often in the wrong place when trying an injection, it might be time to look for a new dentist.

Poor Service

Or it may be that the quality of treatments is just fine but it’s their treatment of you that’s the problem. Dentists that rush you in and out of appointments, make you wait constantly, or even cancel appointments can make you feel like it’s only the dentist’s time that matters. And when the office staff is rude or unresponsive, you can have a really bad experience at the dentist, which in turn affects your experience with your restorations.

Uncomfortable Office

But maybe the staff is fine, it’s the office that you don’t like. A shabby office with dirty corners and outdated art can really lead to a bad experience. This isn’t a trivial detail, the presence of art you like can be calming and may even reduce your discomfort from dental procedures. And, besides, if you don’t like a dentist’s aesthetics in the office, do you really think you’ll like them in your mouth?

Just Don’t Get Along

Other times you can’t quite put your finger on the reason why you don’t like a particular dentist–you just don’t. You have to have a close relationship with your dentist, one that makes you comfortable sharing important details about your life and health that may be relevant to your dental care. If you’re not comfortable talking to your dentist, it can lead to poor care. Best to look for a dentist that makes you able to share.

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